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Tom Brooks is an Grammy winning music producer, arranger, engineer, and keyboardist. He is the founding producer of Integrity Music and the Hosanna Music series, selling over 30 million albums worldwide. Tom has produced over 150 successful albums for Sony Music and has been awarded 6 Platinum Albums, 12 Gold Albums, plus a GMA Dove Award. He is keyboardist for the progressive rock band 'The Alan Parsons Project' and Music Professor at Hope International University. His book, "The Language of Music" is published by Hal Leonard Publishing.

Tom recently arranged, produced, and conducted the Orchestra at the 2017 Grammy Awards for new artist 'Chance the Rapper', who won 3 Grammy's on the night. The performance was broadcast live on CBS TV and re-broadcast around the world. He also received the Latin Grammy Award in 2016 as Producer for Marcos Vidal's "25 Años".

Tom has worked with many of the best-loved artists in music including Ron Kenoly, Alan Parsons, Don Moen, Chance the Rapper, Paul Baloche, Sheila E, Marcos Vidal, SZA, Aline Barros, Abraham Laboriel, Israel Houghton, Paul Jackson Jr, James Ingram, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bob Fitts, Baby do Brasil, Kirk Whalum, Lucia Parker, Chester Thompson, Steve Lukather of Toto, Bill Champlin of Chicago, Richard Page of Mr. Mister, David Pack of Ambrosia, Jim Peterik of Survivor, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, and many more.

Tom has performed concerts and produced events around the globe from Paris to Hong Kong, from Capetown to Edinburgh, from Rome to Rio, and everywhere in between. He recently performed for 750,000 people at "The Experience" in Lagos Nigeria featuring Grammy winners Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Bebe & Cece Winans, producing a live CD and DVD of the concert. He has produced events at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, on the National Mall in Washington D.C., on Table Mountain in CapeTown South Africa, Union Chapel in London, and at the DMZ, the border with North Korea.

Tom is owner and Creative Director of Master Recording Studios, a world-class production studio in Southern California featuring the latest state-of-the-art digital and analog recording technology. He holds a doctorate in music and teaches workshops and seminars around the globe. As a conductor Tom has worked with several national orchestras including the Buffalo Philharmonic, the Tampa Symphony, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva, the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra in Colombia, and more.

Tom has written and produced music for the nation's leading companies including McDonalds, Disney, Pizza Hut, Bank of America, Anheuser-Busch, Korean Air, Chik-Fil-A, Carnival Cruise Lines, the St. Louis Cardinals, and more.


150+ Albums Produced
30 million+ Albums Sold
6 Platinum Records
12 Gold Records
Latin grammy award
gma dove award


Producer / Arranger / Engineer / Composer / Conductor
tom produce your project
Tom has produced over 150 successful albums and concert videos for major record labels including Sony Music, Integrity Music, EMI, StarSong, Universal, Warner, BMG, and more. The RIAA has awarded Tom 12 certified Gold Records and 6 certified Platinum Records with total sales of over 30 million in 130 countries. He has produced soundtracks for television, film, and for the nation’s leading companies.


"The LANGUAGE of MUSIC" is a practical theory training book for contemporary musicians. Simply put, it is ‘Everything a Modern Musician needs to know about Music Theory’ spelled out in 21st century language; the terms used on stage and in the studio every day.

Author Tom Brooks says it best: "The book is basically four years of college theory classes, dis- tilled down into exactly the elements you need to know - and nothing that you don’t." Published by Hal Leonard Music Publishing, "The LANGUAGE of MUSIC" is a valuable, practical resource; proven effective in seminars and workshops around the globe. It is the theory book that you always wanted - easy-to-read and simple to understand.

Starting from the Basic Building Blocks of music, the book covers everything from pitch / rhythm / the staff / time signatures to scales, chord building, harmonic progressions, chord symbols and charts, transposition, modulation, chord substitution, the modes, and beyond. In addition there are valuable lessons on how to practice more effectively, leading rehearsals, and practical live performance tips.


"The LANGUAGE of MUSIC" Seminars and Workshops have been taught around the globe by author Tom Brooks. You can download Tom’s "LANGUAGE of MUSIC" Workshop presentation below.


Want to bring The Language of Music to your school, church, or community? Contact us today to schedule your very own workshop. Just let us know where and when your event will be taking place below.


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"Great Music is still created in Great Studios"
Tom has designed a world-class production studio in Southern California featuring the latest state-of-the-art digital and analog recording technology in an awe-inspiring creative environment. Everything you need to bring your musical dream to life is here - classic microphones, cutting edge plug-ins and vintage outboard gear, brilliant instruments in stunning acoustic spaces.

*The spacious Studio 'A' at 1,000+ sq. ft. means your entire band can record together and capture the energy of a live performance.
*Multiple ISO rooms with great sight lines means your group can vibe together and still capture clean isolated tracks.
*And when you're finished the 3,000 square foot Sound Stage is the perfect place to film your music video.

Brilliant acoustics, outstanding monitors, pristine signal path, and every keyboard known to man - all the elements are here and ready to bring your vision into reality. In addition to the classic 56 channel SSL 4064G+ console, you can select the perfect signal path for each instrument and voice - Choose from Neve, API, Wunder, Helios, Hardy, Mastering Lab, and more. You literally have every signal chain, personality, and color to choose from. Our Yamaha grand piano is a gorgeous sounding instrument with complete Disklavier MIDI in / MIDI out capability. Every EAST-WEST library ever created is at your fingertips.

Your music deserves the best and we have the best music making tools here waiting for you.


  • Dynamic Microphones

    • AKG D112 (2)
    • Audix D6
    • Audix i5
    • ElectroVoice RE-20 (2)
    • Heil Pr35
    • Lewitt DTP 340 TT (3)
    • Lewitt DTP 640 REX
    • Lewitt MTP 440 DM
    • Placid Audio Copperphone
    • Placid Audio Resonator B
    • Sennheiser 421 (12)
    • Shure Beta 52A (2)
    • Shure Beta 57
    • Shure SM7B
    • Shure SM57 (11)
    • Shure SM58 (5)
    • Yamaha Sub Kick (2)
    Condenser Microphones

    • AKG 414 (4)*
    • AKG C414 B-ULS (2)
    • AKG C414EB (3)
    • AKG C451B (2)
    • AKG 452 (2)*
    • AKG C460B
    • Audix ADX51 (2)*
    • Lewitt LCT 340 (2)
    • Lewitt LCT 640 TS
    • Microtech Gefell GMBH M930 (2)
    • Monheim Omni (2)*
    • Neumann KM 184 (4)*
    • Neuman TLM 170i (2)*
    • Neumann U87 (3)*
    • Shure SM87

    • SSL G series 64 channels
    • Wunder PEQ1r
    • 2x Mastering Lab
    • 2x Helios type 69
    • 12x John Hardy M1
    • BAE 312A w/ Avedis OpAmp
    • API 3124+ 16 Channels
    • Avalon 737
    • Avalon U5 3 channels
    • BAE 1073 10 Channels
    • Focusrite ISA828 8 Channels
    Tube microphones

    • Wunder Audio CM7 (U47)
    • Soundelux 251
    • AKG C12VR (2)
    • Neumann U47 (Vintage)
    • Neumann U67 (Vintage)
    • Peluso 22 47
    • Sundelux Elux 251
    • Vanguard V13
    Ribbon microphones

    • Royer 121
    • Royer 122
    • Royer 122v (tube)
    • AEA R44C (2)*
    • Blue Woodpecker

    • Solid State Logic 4064G+ with Ultimation

    • Mastering Labs Tannoy Super Gold
    • Genelec 1031A + 1081
    • ADAM S3As
    • ADAM Sub12s
    • Yamaha NS10

    • Furmann HDS-16 Headphone System
    • Aviom A-16II (10)
    • Aviom A-16D Pro
    • Aviom AN-16/i
    • AKG K240 (4)
    • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (12)
    • Sony MDR-7506 (8)
  • Studio A

    • Avid Pro Tools 12 HD
    • Avid HDX (2)
    • Avid HD I/O 16x16 (4)
    • Avid Sync HD
    • Apple Mac Pro
    • (2.7GHz 12-Core with 128GB DDR3)
    • Logic Pro X
    • Magma EB3T
    • Solid State Logic Nucleus
    • CraneSong HEDD

    • SSL G series EQ 64 channels
    • GML Stereo parametric 8200
    • Manley Stereo Pultec EQ
    • Summit Audio Stereo Pultec EQ
    • TubeTech PE 1C Pultec EQ 3 channels
    • API 550A 2 channels
    • API 550B 4 channels

    • API 2500
    • BLOO LA-2A
    • EL8XS Distressors 6 channels
    • Manley ELOP
    • Manley Vari-Mu Stereo
    • Purple Audio MC77
    • SPL De-Esser
    • SPL Transient Designer 4 channels
    • SPL Tube Vitalizer 9530 stereo
    • SPL Vitalizer Sx2 stereo
    • SSL 4000 G+ Compressor/Gates 64 channels
    • TubeTech CL 1B
    • Universal Audio 1176 3 channels
    • Universal Audio LA-2A 3 channels
    • Universal Audio LA-3A 2 channels
    • Universal Audio LA-4 2 channels
    • UREI 1176

    • AMS RMX16
    • Lexicon 480L
    • Lexicon MX300
    • Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delays 4 channels
    • Lexicon PCM70 2 channels
    • TC Electronic FireWorx
    • TC Electronic M3000
    • Roland SDE 3000A Digital Delays 2 channels
    • Yamaha SPX90
    • Eventide H-3000 Ultra-Harmonizer

    • EAST-WEST Complete libraries
    • Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate
    • Omnisphere - Trillian - RMX
    • Antares Auto-Tune 7 & 8 Bundles
    • Celemony Melodyne 4
    • Izotope Music Production Bundle
    • Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle
    • Nugen Audio Master Pack
    • PSP Xenon
    • Slate Digital Everything Bundle
    • Slate Digital Trigger
    • Sonnox Oxford Inflator
    • Soundtoys Effects V5 Bundle
    • SPL Transient Designer
    • VocAlign Pro 4
    • Waves Platinum Bundle
  • Keyboards

    • Yamaha C-7 Grand Piano with Disklavier
    • Hammond B-3 Organ with tube Leslie
    • Fender Rhodes Stage Piano 73
    • Wurlitzer A-200
    • Yamaha Motif ES-8
    • Korg Kronos 288LX Music Workstation
    • Korg M3-61 Music Workstation
    • Korg Triton-Rack
    • Korg TR-Rack
    • Korg Wave Station
    • Studio Electronics SE-1X (rack Mini-Moog)
    • Mini-Moog model D (serial #2147)
    • Sequential Circuits Prophet V
    • Yamaha DX-7
    • Oberheim Matrix 12
    • Roland JD-800
    • Roland Fantom X6
    • Roland JP-8080
    • Roland JV-880
    • Roland JV 2080
    • Roland Super JD 990
    • Roland V-Synth XT
    • Roland XP-80 Music Workstation
    • Roland XV-5050
    • Yamaha DX7
    • Yamaha TX 802
    Amps, Basses, & Guitars

    • Ampeg 8x10E Cab
    • Ampeg B15n
    • Ampeg SVT-VR
    • Fender Deluxe Reverb Head/Cab
    • Fender Jazz Bass
    • Fender J/P Bass Combo
    • Fender Mustang Short-scale Bass
    • Fender Stratocaster (USA)
    • Fender Telecaster (USA)
    • Fender Twin Reverb (Vintage)
    • Gibson Les Paul
    • Matchless DC30
    • Marshall 1959SLP 100 Watt Marshall 1960AV 4x12 Cab (2) Marshall JCM800
    • Roland KC-100 Amp (2)
    • Vox AC30 Head/Cab
    Virtual Instruments

    • East-West Composer Cloud X
    • Omnisphere - Trillian - RMX
    • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate
    • Vienna String Library
    • A large collection of virtual synths...

    • Gretsch Kit (1980)
    • Ludwig Kit (70s)
    • Pork Pie Big Black Snare
    • Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare
    • Singerland Snare 14x5 (60s)

    • Boss DD3
    • EarthQuaker Devices
    • Ibenez TS 808
    • Ibenez TS9
    • Stacks FX


    • Disney
    • McDonalds
    • Anheuser-Busch
    • Chick-Fil-A
    • Korean Airlines
    • Turning Point television
    • CMS Productions
    • The Experience

    • Pizza Hut
    • Sony Music
    • Carnival Cruise Lines
    • Hal Leonard Publishing
    • Bank of America
    • The St. Louis Cardinals
    • Maranatha Music
    • Busch Gardens

    • Big Idea Creative Group
    • Samaritan's Purse
    • The City of Chicago
    • Leo Burnett Worldwide Advertising
    • Integrity Music
    • Hope International University
    • Time-Life



Ryland Talamo - Audio Engineer
David Bartle - Audio Engineer
Josue Pineda - Producer
Tiago Costa - Producer
Stephen Yake - Video Producer


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