Custom 56 fader Euphonix console featuring a warm, pristine analog signal path under complete digital control. Total Snapshot Recall of all parameters.

Recording Systems:

Pro Tools HD3 system, 40 input / 64 output, with a massive plug-in collection including everything from WAVES / Sonnox / Celemony / Universal Audio / Spectrasonics / and more. Three analog 2” 24 track recorders from Studer and Sony-MCI.

Outboard Gear:

Microphone preamps -

Neve 1073 2 channel vintage mic pre
Wunder-Neve peq1r 1073 mic pre with Neve 1081 console EQ Mastering Lab 2 channel tube mic pre
Helios type 69 2 channel vintage mic pre
John Hardy 12 channels of pristine mic pre
Vintech Neve 1073 re-creation 2 channels

Equalizers -

GML 8200 stereo 5 band parametric EQ Manley Pultec 2 channal EQ
Summit Audio Pultec 2 channal EQ
TubeTech PE 1C Pultec EQ API 550b 2 channel EQ

Compressors -

Manley Vari-Mu stereo tube compressor (Fairchild re-creation) Manley
ELOP stereo tube compressor
LA-2As from Universal Audio and custom BLOO
LA-4s (2)
Urei 1176s
Purple Audio MC77
TubeTech CL 1B Opto Compressor
2 EL8 Distressors stereo linked
DBX 160s stereo compressor / limiter
2 DBX 165 compressor / limiters
DBX 902 De-Esser stereo
Prism Audio stereo compressor / limiter

Reverbs / Delays -

AMS RMX-16 vintage Digital Reverb Lexicon 300 Digital Reverb
Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Reverb
TC Electronics M3000 Digital Reverb 2 Lexicon 42 Digital Delays
2 Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delays
Eventide H-3000 Digital Delay FX
TC Electronics Fireworx multi effects processor


U-47 from Wunder Audio
251 from Soundelux
C-12 from AKG
TLM-170s from Neumann (2, matched pair)
930s from MicroTech Geffel (2, matched pair)
Royer 121 ribbon mic
Royer 122V tube ribbon mic
AKG 414XLIIs (2, matched pair)
AKG 414XLSs (3)
AKG 452 (2, matched pair)
AKG 460s (2)
AKG D-112
Shure SM-57s (6)
Shure SM-58
Shure SM-87
Shure Beta 52
Sennheiser MD-421s (6)
Yamaha SubKick


Yamaha C-7 Diskalvier midi Grand Piano
Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie
Yamaha Motif ES-8 88 key weighted controller
Roland Fantom
Korg M-3
Studio Electronics SE-1X – rack mount MiniMoog
Mini-Moog original model D serial #2147
Prophet V
Yamaha DX-7
Oberheim Matrix 12
Roland JD-800
Roland XP-80
Fender Rhodes electric piano
Wurlitzer A-200 electric piano
A large collection of vintage synth modules from Roland / Yamaha / Korg / and more

Virtual Instruments:

Vienna String Library
A large collection of virtual synths

Other Outboard Gear:

CraneSong HEDD analog tape simulator / A-D converter
SPL Transient Designer (4 channels)
SPL Vitalizer stereo
SPL Tube Vitalizer stereo
Aphex Aural Exciter stereo


Mastering Lab – Tannoy Super Golds
Genelec 1081s with sub
Genelec 1032s
Yamaha NS-10s
UREI 813s