Studio ‘A’ offers two outstanding recording rooms – a large live acoustic space (28’ wide by 24’ deep) perfect for drums / large vocal groups / live bands and features a Yamaha Disklavier midi Grand Piano.

Adjacent to the large room is the “Brick Room”, a medium size acoustic space (22’ wide by 18’ deep)

with a more intimate ‘club’ ambience – perfect for lead vocals / acoustic guitar / percussion and wood- wind instruments.

The main Control Room features a state-of-the-art Pro Tools system with a complete selection of plug- ins, analog 2” recorders, a custom 56 fader Euphonix console, plus an outstanding collection of modern and vintage tube gear / mic pres / EQs / Compressors / and every signal processors imaginable; all in- terfaced seamlessly with a complete keyboard production rig including vintage modules and the latest virtual synths.

Studio ‘B’ features a 5.1 surround Control Room and a spacious vocal booth (16’ wide by 10’ deep) per- fect for voice-overs / lead vocals / acoustic bass and more. All rooms are completely integrated and links via audio and video patching so all the acoustic spaces can be used simultaneously.