“The LANGUAGE of MUSIC” is a practical theory training book for contemporary musicians. Simply put, it is ‘Everything a Modern Musician needs to know about Music Theory’ spelled out in 21st century language; the terms used on stage and in the studio every day.

Author Tom Brooks says it best: “The book is basically four years of college theory classes, dis- tilled down into exactly the elements you need to know – and nothing that you don’t.” Published by Hal Leonard Music Publishing, “The LANGUAGE of MUSIC” is a valuable, practical resource; proven effective in seminars and workshops around the globe. It is the theory book that you always wanted – easy-to-read and simple to understand.

Starting from the Basic Building Blocks of music, the book covers everything from pitch / rhythm / the staff / time signatures to scales, chord building, harmonic progressions, chord symbols and charts, transposition, modulation, chord substitution, the modes, and beyond. In addition there are valuable lessons on how to practice more effectively, leading rehearsals, and practical live performance tips.

Included with the book is a long-play DVD featuring video tutorials taught by Tom Brooks, walking the reader through each chapter of the book.

Additional video support is available online.



Tom Brooks has delivered a masterpiece in “THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC”. There is something for the beginning musician as well as the most advanced arranger/orchestrator.
In “THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC” Tom takes the mystery out of theory and harmony and brings these potentially intimidating and complicated concepts to a level that can be embraced by all.
“THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC” is a “must have” for anyone who is serious about making great music!

Don Moen
Integrity Music producer/songwriter and worship leader


I have made music professionally with Tom for many years – he and I have prayed together for musicians all around the world. I believe God planted the seed for this book in Tom’s Heart to inspire musicians to learn the Truth about music – the simple beauty and stunning creativity of this heavenly language – so they can be better equipped to serve Jesus with this precious Gift.
More than just practical theory, this book is the outpouring of a heart and a spirit that is concerned for the well being of every musician; every Brother and Sister called to communicate Christ through the Language of Music.
I recommend it wholeheartedly; it conveys Tom’s immense knowledge not only at the theory level, but at the practical and Spiritual level as well.

Yours truly,

Abraham Laboriel


WOW! I am loving “THE LANGUAGE OF MUSIC”. It is the music theory that every musician, singer, writer, and band leader needs… great approach and clearly presented.

Saddleback will incorporate this Practical Music Theory into the heart of our ongoing training for every Worshiping Musician. I have been enjoying reading through it as a refresher from what I learned (and should have remembered!) in college. Love it Tom. Thank you.

Rick Muchow
Pastor Of Worship, Saddleback Church